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About Comercia

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  • What is Comercia?

Comercia was born from the strong commitment of two major entities to offer the best and most efficient payment-management service on the market.

Founded in December 2010 by CaixaBank and Global Payments, Comercia Global Payments, Entidad de Pago S.L. focuses its efforts on meeting the most demanding needs of today’s businesses and setting standards for the future.

Our mission:

The mission of Comercia Global Payments is to provide the highest quality payment management service in the world, through strong alliances and a generous commitment to our clients and our employees.

As a subsidiary company of CaixaBank and "Global Payments", Comercia Global Payments maintains the objectives of both through offering the best and most complete payment management service to the greatest number of clients and intermediaries to meet their needs with flexibility and adaptation.

Innovation, continuous improvement, and surpassing our clients' expectations are among the values that govern our company.

These fundamental values and action principles of Comercia Global Payments stand as the benchmark for the whole organization and the key to our management model.


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