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POS Services

Dynamic Currency Conversion
The service Dynamic Currency Conversion allows you to give foreign clients the option to pay in their own currency
Through the Contactless service, clients can pay for their purchases quickly and easily.
Tax free
The TAXFREE solution facilitates VAT refunds for clients not residing in the European Union
Installment Payment
It is a service that allow clients to divide their payments above 80 euros over 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
A loyalty program that allows businesses to increase sales to their clients through personalized promotions
Digital signature
Allows the digital capture of the sales receipt and replaces the signature on the ticket with a signature on the POS terminal screen
Allows the business to process the payment and obtain the corresponding tip with credit card transactions
Commerce Analytics
Commerce Analytics is a management tool that allows you to track and analyze your sales and value added services


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