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POS Installment Payment Service



Thanks to the Payment in installments service, shops will be able to choose to divide payment for their sales at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, with no charge or commission for clients.

This service is only available for purchases above €80 paid for with CaixaBank credit cards.

How does the new Payment-in-Installments service work at the POS?

To make it easier to manage the service, the option of dividing up the payment will come up automatically on the POS screen when the client pays for the purchase.

The steps are:


Greater benefits for both clients and businesses

> Security when paying

Businesses receive full payment for the purchase the next day.

> Agility

Payment in installments is configured at the moment of sale.

> Flexibility

Shops choose the term in which they want to divide up clients payments.


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